I am Raihan Chowdhury hereby to introduce DIAMOND WORLDWIDE TRADING, CONTRACTING & SERVICES W.L.L. as an innovative General Contracting company based in Doha, Qatar. I personally always attached great importance to creativity and innovation, in the Civil Construction sector. I am supporting the promotion of Civil Construction sector for a number of years, now and when Diamond Worldwide proposed me to Director in their Civil Construction, I am particularly attracted by the inter‐disciplinary character and future forecasting plan of the company. I am very pleased to be associated with Diamond Worldwide Trading , Contracting & Services W.L.L., presented by some multi‐talented entrepreneurs, who are today taking on an original and innovative technical challenge, much like those that big Civil Construction well-established companies taking on every day in the search for unique solutions for its High Net Worth clients. Diamond Worldwide Trading , Contracting & Services W.L.L. is present in the Doha, Qatar